Siberian Architecture

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Baby, The Stars Shine Bright [Paris] 

72, Avenue Ledru-Rollin 
Monday-Saturday 12-7pm, closed Sunday

We went twice - on a Monday and Friday - and it was very quiet and peaceful both times. There were large fans, so it was cool inside, and a mi of J-Pop and J-Rock was being played. Shop assistant Claire (pictured in black) is very nice and patient, even when I tried on a lot of items!  

Twin Peaks (1990-1991) //  the empty rooms

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彡☆ My Sweet Lolita Bedroom 彡☆

I wanted to post new pics to show all of the new additions to my room. I painted all of the furniture and walls, and I decorated it myself. I absolutely love it.

So Kawaii ^_^


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Rylee Hitchner


Rylee Hitchner

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